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Al- Khaldiya founded in 1966, is one of Kuwait’s oldest & strongest trading companies, and is a leading supplier of high-tech products &services including computing, communications and advanced medical and analytical products. Charged by determination and fueled by knowledge from years of experience in the IT industry, our main objective is to provide end-to-end solution that helps the entire business process far simpler, more profitable and seamlessly integrated.

The company plays an active role in major programs with the Government of Kuwait including oil and gas, Banking, Hospitals and Large companies.

Al-Khaldiya represents world class market leaders among which is Motorola & Alcatel in Communications, Hewlett- Packard and Microsoft in Information technology and Philips in Medical and health care instrumentation. The company offers Turnkey Solutions including Information Security, Communication Solutions, Computing, Medical and Sophisticated Electronic Systems.

l-khaldiya is more than a product agent. We offer 24*7 product support and maintenance from our highly qualified and technology rich technical maintenance staff..

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