Product Range
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 1. Secure & Managed file transfer solutions
Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) is our best-in-class, customizable server software and a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MFT. EFT offers unmatched simplicity and top-notch security trusted by companies large and small, including the U.S. Army and the Fortune 100.
2. IT Operations Management
MIDAS boom (business open operations manager) is a powerful tool that makes IT monitoring easy. It enables you to consolidate large, heterogeneous environments and multiple legacy tools into a single  and transparent management solution and optimizes operations efficiency 
3. IT Operations Automation
ORSYP Dollar Universe IT Operations solutions automate and optimize the performance of your business systems, adding value all along the application delivery chain – from the underlying infrastructure to the end-user experience.
4. Enterprise Print Management System
Al- Khaldiya smart Printing helps you consolidate and streamline your print infrastructure and achieve huge savings up to 30 -40 %. It safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and email functions. Its user authentication provides air tight security on your shared MFP’s that function as personal printers.
5. Response System for Higher Education
Turning Response technology allows educators to engage and assess their students while improving the learning environment. Through real-time formative and summative assessment, educators are able to track student progress, collect data and immediately gather results.
6. Data Classification
Watchful Data Classification allows information protection and control policies to be dynamically applied whenever information is created that meets the criteria of the policy without user work required.  This gives the organization great leverage in ensuring data privacy and achieving regulatory compliance.
7. Identity & Access Security
Gemalto Identity & Access Security Protecting IT resources and user identities is essential for every organization. Secure remote access to networks, applications and data is necessary for mobile workers. Data protection for stored, mobile and transferred files and documents is needed for loss prevention and regulatory compliance. Digital signatures that cannot be repudiated help improve efficiency and productivity.
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