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 Al-Khaldiya\'s philosophy is one of a highly professional representation company. Its goal is not only sales but also to provide total solutions and professional after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction. Using its high reputation within the government & other major organizations, Al-Khaldiya acts in close cooperation with its principals to ensure the match of their products, needs and requirements to those of the local market. The basic constituents of its overall philosophy are summarized as follows:
Close contact is maintained between Al-Khaldiya & its principals at all levels: technical, sales, management, administration & executive.
By maintaining the highest standards for training, Al-Khaldiya ensures that each representative, engineer, and technician have a thorough understanding of the equipment and systems that are sold and supported.
Al-Khaldiya technical & sales personnel are constantly motivated to seek and create sales opportunities. Our people are the main asset that we count on. So, major investment goes to staff training, development, and motivation.
Management and administrative personnel carefully monitor & record information relating to product information, sales leads, on-going order negotiations, order execution, invoicing, collection etc. This information is constantly conveyed to principals ensuring a continuous bi-directional flow of information.
Al-Khaldiya executives play very active roles and take deep personal interest in the activities of the company, utilizing their vast experience at mediating between major corporations and the local market.
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